Why Should We Use Bing Rewards?

Bing is gaining popularity among people to search different subjects. It is not just an amazing browsing experience, but you also earn Bing rewards for searching on Bing. The main reason to enroll in Bing rewards is to earn rewards, so let us have a look at what all you can redeem.

Subscription of one month is available for certain service like Xbox Live, Skype, Hullu for 300-700 credits.

Gift cards

You can redeem gift cards worth $5 for 525 credits. There are a plenty to select from including Domino’s, GameStop, Amazon and Sephora.


If you believe in giving away more than taking, you can give away your credits to Microsoft and they will donate it to partnered charities on your behalf which also includes kids in need or teach for America.


If you want to make it big, Microsoft also runs sweepstakes for you to win big prize for example Surface devices, Lumia devices, Target gift cards worth $500 that costs 20-50 credits per entry.


Many people do not participate in Bing rewards as they feel it is like bribing Microsoft, but this is actually not like that. Bing fans enjoy taking Bing rewards and they enjoy earning rewards for just searching on Bing.

You can easily earn Bing rewards through all devices and use Bing every day and now it has become easy to achieve your reward goals and redeem them using your Smartphone.

When you use your phone to go to the section where you can see Bing rewards you can view your current balance and amazing experiences throughout the day that help you earn credits. You can tap and start earning.

You can scroll down to view the suggested rewards for you. Sometimes the entire thing is made little innovative to motivate you wherein the system teaches you how to go to the next level with the help of a card with new status.

Redeeming your credits has become faster and simpler. You can just tap the gift card, confirm the email address and earn the reward soon.

Taking into consideration the various inputs and feedbacks that the users had given, Bing improved the system a lot. Now the rewards from Bing are easily available to users who use Internet explorer 7 or the latest versions of the browsers Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Existing members now don’t need to install Bing bar to continue gaining credits. They can simply sign in to Bing using their computer and start earning. There are offers available on Bing that notifies members about way to gain credits which may include checking for new features, searching through Bing etc.

The number of credits available for you and the offers available change frequently so make sure you hit the Rewards button that is present in the header to check for the latest opportunities.

So, it is like you can keep enjoying your search on Bing and at the same time, earn credits that you can redeem to get exciting prizes.

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