What Is Bing Rewards And How It Works?

Bing has gained popularity since its launch in the year 2009. They have brought in back end improvements and added multiple interfaces. Bing is technically very strong and is capable of standing on its own. Microsoft is quite confident about Bing and wants users to give it a try. This is when the Bing rewards program came into picture

Bing Rewards- What is it?

The theory of Bing rewards goes like this- you earn credits when you search on Bing. These credits gets collected in your account and you can redeem them for rewards.

The Bing rewards program is absolutely free to participate in provided you are a resident of USA and above 13 years of age. The only limitation that comes with this program is that you can have only one Bing rewards account and in each family the number of accounts cannot be more than 5 accounts.

Once you enroll for this reward program you can access through your mobile or desktop.  If you are searching via desktop you will gain 1 credit for every 2 searches you make on a daily basis with the maximum limit of 15 credits daily.

If you are using your mobile for every 2 searches you will earn 1 credit with the limit of 10 credits on a daily basis. These credit limits differ and you can earn maximum 25 credits on a daily basis just through searches. One thing that you should keep in mind is that these credit values can change frequently like desktop searched can be modified as 1 credit for 3 searches.

Almost every search you do through Bing is counted as a credit including video and image searches. There are certain exceptions in searches too where the search is not counted as a credit that is for searches on Bing like Bing help, Bing Maps and Bing blogs.

The accounts are classified in three categories on Bing rewards program and they are


Any new accounts begin here. Member accounts get full access to all Bing rewards features and the account is not limited or restricted in any other way.


Upon completion of Rewards tour, you get to gain 200 lifetime credits and once you redeem the first reward the account status changes to Silver. Silver account unlocks only bonus of 50 credits and nothing other than that.


After the account status changes to Silver, gaining lifetimes credits of 750 and after performing searches in a month worth 150 credits, your account status becomes Gold.  This helps you unlock 10% discounts on credits while redeeming the rewards. You should perform searches worth 150 credits in a month to maintain your account status as Gold.

Another way to earn credits is via referrals. Whenever you refer a friend who opens a Bing rewards account, you gain 150 credits as onetime bonus when your friends attain Silver status. You can refer up to 5 friends for every account, which earns you credits of 750.


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