Places To Use Bing Rewards Credits

How Do We Use Bing Rewards Credits

In search engine war google is far ahead from bing. In searching market google occupy more than 50% users and rest users search on other search engine like Bing, Yahoo etc. So for competing google bing introduced new strategy in market named “Bing rewards”. These bing rewards are bribe for search engine users. By introducing bing rewards bing is increasing it’s users everyday. User can earn these bing rewards by searching on bing anything, For every 2 search user gets 1 bing rewards point and a beginner can do 25 searches in a day for these rewards. So this is the small introduction of bing rewards and how to earn bing rewards but you all are thinking that what is the use of these bing rewards points and where these rewards are to be redeemed. So let me clear you this doubt.

Usage of bing rewards: Bing rewards are some kind of virtual money which can be used at some specific online shop and can be donated at some NGO. So here we will discuss about these online shops and NGO which accept these bing rewards.

These are some online stores and NGOs

Groove:  Groove is a online music store introduced by Microsoft. It is a online music store where thousands of latest songs are available. The problem is you need to pay for listening music on groove. So here we can use our bing rewards points. Earn 3000 bing rewards point and redeem on groove and you will get top access of top albums song.

Sweepstakes:  Sweepstakes is a type of lottery system in which you participate by investing something and think about winning prizes. In Microsoft there are many types of sweepstakes in which you can invest your bing rewards points and you have chances to win amazing prizes like $5000 Microsoft gift card, Xbox live membership, Dell monitor, Surface book etc.

Skype:  You can use your bing rewards point at skype for free skype credits. By these credits you can use skype unlimited and able to free phone calls.

Halo 5 guardians:  You can use bing rewards point to buy halo5 guradians game. This is a paid game but by using bing rewards point you can purchase it without paying real money.

Teach for America:  Teach for America is a non government organization(NGO) which helps for educating people in US. If you want to support this NGO, you can donate bing rewards to this NGO.

Boys and girls club of America:  This is an organization which helps youngsters to achieve their goal. This organization helps people with money and other ways to get their potential and utilize their skill. Boys and girls club of America accept bing rewards in donation, so you can give your contribution with bing rewards credits.

WE:  WE is a charity trust which helps to unable people and fulfill their need. This trust basically helps poor people who are unable to survive. This trust also accepts bing rewards credits in form of donation. So this is a good opportunity to help poor people by using your bing rewards credits.

There are some others organizations like, Donate to care, donate to first, The nature conservancy etc which are working to help people and environment and accept bing rewards as donation. So this is the good opportunity to helps your society, your country by paying nothing. So friends in the last I just want to say that use bing and earn bing rewards to help yourself and your society.


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