At Where And How You Can Use Your Bing Rewards Points

As you all know the bing rewards is a fast growing method to get free stuff like xbox live membership, free burger at burger king, free skype credits, free onedrive storage etc. Here we will talk about how to earn bing rewards point and at where and how you can redeem these rewards credit.

First of all you should have a membership of bing rewards program (This is not necessary that you have Microsoft account and you are a member of bing rewards program). You have to give access to Microsoft to create your bing rewards program dashboard. When you complete your bing membership then you have access of your bing rewards dashboard where you can see your bing rewards credit and all offers and sites where you can redeem your bing rewards credits.

To redeem bing rewards credit first you have to select your goal and then earn your bing credits by searching on bing (For each search you earn 1 credits) or by sharing with your friends. When you have reach to your goal you can redeem your credit and get free stuff from that site.

For example you set your goal for 1 month xbox live gold membership, you need 7000 bing rewards credits. When you have 7000 credits in your bing rewards dashboard redeem in your xbox live membership account and you will have 1 month xbox live gold membership without paying anything.

There are so many stores or sites where you can redeem these credits and enjoy free shopping. The method is same as i said you above. So create your bing rewards dashboard associated with Microsoft account and always search on bing instead of other search engine and enjoy free shopping.


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